with Vincent Spera

Thursday, November 29th 7-8:30pm,
$30 teen (13-17), $40 adult

SOVEREIGNTY Self-Defense is a workshop developed to help people of all fitness levels learn how to defend themselves from common attacks on the street using their natural reactions. Transform the mindset of becoming a victim if attacked and instead flip the roles against your aggressor by bringing the fight to them by learning how to defend yourself in multiple life threatening situations.

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Vincent Spera has over 7 years experience in practicing, instructing, and educating individuals on self-awareness and self defense techniques. His style originates directly from Krav Maga which is an Israeli form of martial arts. It is designed to equip the average individual in the least amount of time with skills that are applicable in possible life threatening encounters on the street. He has trained ages 5-50+ in the civilian sector, health professionals, educators, government agencies, private security, military, and law enforcement personnel.