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Anti-racism through community organizing

Sunday, February 24th from 3-6pm
Sunday, March 3rd from 3-6pm

Join us to learn about the concept of race, the history of systemic racism/oppression and how it impacts everyone around us today. Along with the knowledge of our history, we will teach practical language and tools to navigate and de-escalate racially based scenarios. We will use the knowledge we learn to gain understanding and stand on common ground as we organize in our community to end racism and uproot systems that perpetuate racist ideals.

Sunday, February 24th + sunday, March 3rd from 3-6pm

Lenny Ramos
Born in the Bronx, NY and raised on the east side of Saint Paul, MN, Lenny has been involved in community organizing and teaching literacy and self identity to children K-8 throughout Saint Paul for the past 7 years.

Ella Bonner Ramos
Ella, a Saint Paul native, is a black activist with a social justice theatre background. She’s currently a therapeutic nanny in the west metro; passionate about advocating for the emotional and developmental needs of children.

Pricing: $20 per session

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Facts of Life

Saturday, April 13th 12-4pm

The Facts of Life is a workshop geared towards girls ages 10-14. We will discuss puberty and all that goes with it! Girls will walk away with a greater knowledge and appreciation for their amazing bodies and what is happening or about to happen as they embark on this physical and emotional change.
Topics include (but may not be limited to) the following:

*physical aspects of puberty (think boobs, body changes, menstrual cycle, hormones, pubic hair, sweating and more!)

*emotional aspects of puberty (think mood changes, new thoughts and feelings, peer pressure)

*social aspects of puberty (think stress, school/homework, sports, peer pressure, sexual identity, differences among peers, fitting in, difference between good friend and bad friend)

*self care (think sleep, nutrition, showering, skin care, meditation, journaling, stress management)

*self-image/self-esteem (ways to boost both)

*safety (only YOU get to decide who touches your body, making good choices, effects of alcohol)

*birth control (a brief overview, not a thorough discussion…because the question “So I will get pregnant every time I have sex?” seems to always come up!)

*masturbation (many girls this age are masturbating and need to hear that it is very normal and nothing to fear or be ashamed of)


Krista Margolis is a registered nurse and Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioner. She has a passion for teaching young women (and adult women!) about their super cool bodies and all those bodies’ capabilities. She has experience teaching this age group the facts of life and it’s one of her favorite things to do. She has an open, very honest and warm approach to girls and is open to communication before and after the workshop. She respects that this is a sensitive subject for families and she also believes that an honest, open and often humorous dialogue with our kids is incredibly important in helping to establish a trusting relationship for years to come.

Fee: $75.00 per person

Canceling your reservation 2 or more days in advance results in a 100% refund. Canceling less than 48 hours in advance results in no refund, although you may transfer your registration to a future offering of the same workshop, if available.

Please contact Krista with questions at

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I ♥ ME: a girl empowerment retreat

Saturday, May 18th 2-4:30pm

I LOVE ME is a workshop for girls ages 9-13. Through movement (yoga and dance), meditation, journaling, discussion, role-playing, and laughter, girls will walk away with a better understanding of…

♥ Girls will be able to clearly define who they are while separating that from what society says they should be.

♥ Girls will learn tools on how to strengthen their intuition while learning that they have all of the answers inside of them.

♥ Girls will explore situations where they are uncomfortable and test how they can remain authentic in all scenarios.

Fee: $60 per person

Heather Corndorf is the founder of mXe Movement Studio. She believes that movement is a form of healing, and that all humans—you included—can harness its transformative power. She knows that feeling healthy, beautiful, and strong is different for each individual person, and she builds curriculum that honors those unique needs.
Heather is a born teacher and a professionally trained dancer. She’s been instructing group fitness, designing choreography, training instructors, and filming virtual and home DVD programs for more than 20 years, and has no intention of slowing down. She is an ACE-certified instructor, a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and an award-winning wellness expert. Make no mistake: She is a force to be reckoned with.

Dr. Joessa Austin is the creator and owner of Jai Healing Collective, a collaborative space in South Minneapolis filled with some of Minneapolis’s most skilled holistic and intuitive healers. Joessa works through a balanced, integrative approach utilizing chiropractic, energetic, and intuitive techniques to assist clients in achieving empowerment and true health; body, mind and soul. Joessa is also the curator of ReFin(e)d You, a fem-focused series of local workshops and events for humans seeking to re-find and refine their most connected, inspired, and soulful selves.
Dr. Joessa studied kinesiology and human biology at the University of Minnesota, then went on to complete her doctorate at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Her continued studies have been focused on therapeutic nutrition, chiropratic, reiki, psychology, mind-body connection, and the latest in alternative care.