No More Leaks:
The Ultimate Mom Workshop
on Pelvic Floor & Core


with HeatherChristine Struwe, Birth Doula and Pre/PostNatal Fitness Specialist

Thursday, May 24th 12-2pm

Enough is enough.
Just because it is VERY common to leak or have an abdominal separation does not mean that it is normal or something that is just part of life after having a baby. 

HeatherChristine will educate you about your core anatomy and how it functions as a pressure system. We will discuss the affects of pregnancy, no matter how recent or distant, and alignment, like what happens when you where high heels or wear shaper garments. This knowledge, and exercises to reconnect with your deepest of core muscles, will give you the tools you need to get on the path to no more leaks and foundational core stability for a body that functions right!  

This workshop is be based on the MUTU System which has an online program for core and pelvic floor health. The function of core health takes time to heal and near daily attentions. We will discuss benefits of the online program to help you be successful and accountable. As a MUTU Pro, HeatherChristine will give access to 15% off the online 12-module program. Core health is like flossing your teeth…you can’t just floss once and say, Great, done with that! Same for your core. HeatherChristine will also give information regarding follow-up 1:1 sessions for those who are interested in having a private session. 

Not sure if this workshop is for you? Do you pee your pants when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or bounce? Do you have lower back and pelvic pain? Experience painful sex? Have a diastasis recti or abdominal doming? Or often the signs of pelvic floor issues can be heaviness or pressure in your bottom, do you have that sensation with standing or with squatting?  

If you answered Yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you! 

If you have specific questions feel free to contact HeatherChristine directly at

HeatherChristine is passionate about women's health specifically the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. She is a Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher specializing in Pre/Postnatal Yoga, MUTU Pro™️, Birth Doula, Lactation Educator Counselor and ACE-trained Group Fitness Instructor. She strives to bring her over two decades of knowledge and experience in the medical and wellness fields, and life experience as a mother of three, into helping individuals and families thrive. for more information.