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Facts of Life (boys)

with Alec Lossiah
Saturday, November 2nd 2-5pm

Being a young person can be challenging and confusing and this workshop is for boys (ages 11-13) to talk about growing pains in a judgement-free space. Participants will be free to ask questions and will leave with a better understanding of their bodies and their place in the world. 

Young people receive a lot of misinformation about puberty and sex, which leads to unsafe decisions before they are ready to deal with the consequences. When young people receive comprehensive sex education about what puberty is like for everyone, studies show that they make smarter decisions about their sexuality and delay having sex.

This workshop is about empowering young boys to make confident, safe decisions about themselves and others. 

Topics include, but may not be limited to: 

- Physical aspects of puberty (including pubic hair, body changes, sweating, and menstruation)

- Emotional aspects of puberty (including peer pressure, mood changes, and how to handle them)

- Social aspects of puberty (including what constitutes healthy relationships, and the basics of consent)

- Masturbation (including how it's safe, normal, and not shameful)

Alec Lossiah (Pronouns They/Them/Theirs and She/Her/Hers)
I'm a Sexuality Educator at the Annex where I provide quality, judgment-free information about sex and relationships. I teach at a variety of secondary schools where I engage in LGBTQIA+ inclusive conversations with youth so they can make informed decisions about their lives. It is important to me that young people feel knowledgable and confident about themselves.

FEE: $65 per person



Facts of Life (girls)

with Krista Margolis
Saturday, November 9th 1-5pm


The Facts of Life is a workshop geared towards girls ages 10-14. We will discuss puberty and all that goes with it! Girls will walk away with a greater knowledge and appreciation for their amazing bodies and what is happening or about to happen as they embark on this physical and emotional change.

Topics include (but may not be limited to) the following:

*physical aspects of puberty (think boobs, body changes, menstrual cycle, hormones, pubic hair, sweating and more!)

*emotional aspects of puberty (think mood changes, new thoughts and feelings, peer pressure)

*social aspects of puberty (think stress, school/homework, sports, peer pressure, sexual identity, differences among peers, fitting in, difference between good friend and bad friend)

*self care (think sleep, nutrition, showering, skin care, meditation, journaling, stress management)

*self-image/self-esteem (ways to boost both)

*safety (only YOU get to decide who touches your body, making good choices, effects of alcohol)

*birth control (a brief overview, not a thorough discussion…because the question “So I will get pregnant every time I have sex?” seems to always come up!)

*masturbation (many girls this age are masturbating and need to hear that it is very normal and nothing to fear or be ashamed of)


Krista Margolis is a registered nurse and Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioner. She has a passion for teaching young women (and adult women!) about their super cool bodies and all those bodies’ capabilities. She has experience teaching this age group the facts of life and it’s one of her favorite things to do. She has an open, very honest and warm approach to girls and is open to communication before and after the workshop. She respects that this is a sensitive subject for families and she also believes that an honest, open and often humorous dialogue with our kids is incredibly important in helping to establish a trusting relationship for years to come.

Fee: $75 per person


The Wise Woman

with Krista Margolis
Tuesday, November 19th7-9:30pm


The term perimenopause refers to the years leading up to the last menstrual period. Krista will guide you in understanding what is changing in your body during perimenopause, offer support and respect and suggest ways to help you through this very natural process. By understanding and making the most out of the menopausal transition, you can create a healthy body that will take you into some of the best years of your life!