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Sunday, November 18 1-2:30pm

Can you... Floss, Tidy, Orange Justice?

Bring your friends to learn and/or practice your favorite FORTNITE dance moves WITH LIVE MUSIC BY DJ OMAUR.
Don't be a bush wookiee, just bring a water bottle and a good attitude. 





Kids have mxe just like their parents.

mXeMINI (3-8 year-olds) and mXeMAJOR (6-11 year-olds) offer ways to release stress through mindful movement, meditation, and breathing practices. Kids will learn how to relax, see and observe thoughts, and how to respond wisely to things rather than reacting blindly. We will use yoga as resiliency training so that they can use the skills they learn on the mat to lead healthy and fulfilling lives off the mat.