Stand in Your Sovereignty, by Heather Corndorf


This actually happens to me in real life. I stand looking at the mirror at home and my daughter is standing right next to me. She’s not looking at herself in the mirror—she’s looking at me. Actually, she’s looking at my face. My daughter doesn’t see my cellulite, or my blemishes, or my bloated tummy. And I grin. Let me be brutally honest: sometimes I don’t want to grin; in fact, sometimes I don’t even care about looking in the mirror. But my daughter is RIGHT THERE. She is learning what self-love looks like. She hears me talk the talk, but I want her to see me walk it.

2 months ago I was sitting on my couch with tears in my eyes. I convinced myself that I shouldn’t open my own business because fear was louder than my heart. My daughter crawls into my lap, puts my face in her hands and says, “Mommy, I want to see you try something new.” And I asked her if these are her words or someone else’s. She says, “These are my words.”

They’re actually my words, but they’re hers now. You see, I tell her that it’s fun to try new things, it’s okay to be scared, it’s healthy to learn from mistakes. But these are just words. I now have to show her through ACTION.

To me, mXe (moxie) means standing in your sovereignty. Whether it’s in a group of strangers, at a party with friends, or naked in front of your mirror. I want to love myself unconditionally and then I can love you the same.