The Divine Feminine Spirit: Developing and Utilizing Your Intuition, by Nikki Erchul


The idea of having a sixth sense is not a new concept; it has many names: gut instinct, third eye, premonitions, having a “feeling”, trusting yourself, inner guidance, higher self, women's intuition, a general knowing and on and on. For as long as women have roamed this planet, there has been an awareness that there is a greater knowing that exists inside of us. Women are the feelers of the two sexes, and thus, have greater access to this gift, because we more easily allow body feelings and mind emotions to hold a place in our experiences. For ease of this program, I will utilize the ubiquitous term of “intuition” yet remember that it shows up and bestows itself in many different ways.

When it comes to intuition, I can only speak of my personal knowing, and so our unique, individual stories will vary and weave together. Validating your truth, honoring your story and inner knowing is the whole purpose, and so without judgement or evaluation, welcome your beautiful voice to the table.

Why is it so hard to tap into and hear our intuition? If this was a beautiful gift, why is it so difficult to access it or trust it? Ohhhh, so many reasons!

From birth, most women can relate with the experience of being discounted. Their voice was softer, or less valued in some ways. Typically in microaggressions (“You’re talking too loud!” “Act like a lady” “You talk too much” “You’re so bitchy today” etc.). We have been bombarded with messages from birth that our voices are less than. Not only that, but because we received less encouragement to be bold and brave, we stopped listening to that inner voice. We learned to prioritize other’s needs, learned to value others opinions of us or our choices, learned that those body feelings don’t matter, are overridden with anxiety where we can’t distinguish that anxious body feel from that intuitive knowing. There has been such internal confusion, that time and time again, we shove that knowing down because it is not “practical”  not “kind” not “ideal for others”. We learned to look to others to tell us who we are and what we want. This is thankfully changing, even more now, with this third wave of feminism! We are not only giving each other explicit permission to be bold we are turning inward and giving ourselves that permission.


Giving permission to start listening to our inner knowing starts with quieting our physical and mental energies. Yes, this means shutting down the devices, finding a quiet place (your room, your car, a corner with a blanket over your head) and taking time to breathe. You will never be able to distinguish how to “hear” your intuition without sitting quietly and releasing the noise. Invest in a meditation practice that allows this to happen. I personally have found many different ways to allow the practice of meditation to exist in my life: yoga, quiet walks, deep conscious breaths throughout the day, guided practices that connect me to my higher spirit. Not every meditation practice will look like a woman in a lotus position, with Gyan mudra hands and chanting Om (although, this is lovely and I do recommend you to try it at some point). Find your own way to quiet, my dear, because whatever you are being led to is the “right” thing.

The idea behind quieting your mind is to allow your Divine Higher Self to enter and your ego-driven thoughts to fall away. This is when you begin to notice the distinction between earthly thoughts and higher vibration intuition. This crucial step is when you stop looking outside yourself for answers and trust that the beating of your heart is a holy rhythm. That you are actually the keeper of all your answers that and the vibration of truth that you seek exists with you always.

This space that we create through meditation is the beginning of building confidence in our inner voice, which then translates to courage in our outer voice and persona. Taking this time is an investment in modeling self-love and confidence; this investment will yield you more than you can ever imagine. It will ripple to your children, spouses, business partners, friends and strangers. As women, we encourage each other to take time for reprieve because we see how desperately our sisters NEED it; I encourage you to ask yourself “Why not me?”.





Nikki Erchul is a Behavioral Health Therapist and Lifestyle Coach in the Minneapolis area. She currently blogs at and is co-running the largest women’s Mastermind Coaching group in Minneapolis. She has a therapy practice at River City Clinic in Saint Paul and is in the process of becoming Reiki certified. Please feel free to contact her at