A One-Year Reflective Note to Myself

Dear Rebel,

One year of running your own business. Remember when you didn’t even know how to change the paper towel dispensers in the bathroom? Remember how you would wake up and say, “WTF have I done?” Remember the stories you made up in your head about how everything would play out?

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A lot has changed. YOU have changed. Don’t get me wrong, Rebel, you were pretty cool before this endeavor. But if I must be honest, you’re a total BAMF now. You’re more curious, playful, adventurous, and soft. As you move into year two, bring these points with you (they served you well this past year):

• Be humble and always a student-- you don’t know everything.

• Lead by the golden rule-- always.

• Put down your phone-- eye contact tells the truth.

• Listen to your gut-- take all of the risks as an opportunity to sharpen your intuition.

Thank you for believing in me and thank you for believing in humanity.

I love you,

Heather Corndorf