mXe Studio

Ever met someone who claimed the treadmill as their spirit animal? NEITHER HAVE WE.

So we created a warm, welcoming studio space that’s meant to encourage interaction, play, and movement. We wanted the mXe home base to feel accessible, open, organic, and grounded. We wanted it to have exactly NONE of the mechanical, impersonal trappings of a traditional gym. And since we always get what we want, our space is f*cking gorgeous.

Ever dropped in on a group class and felt unwelcome, unseen, and unhappy? US, TOO.

So we recruited fitness teachers and wellness coaches who know their subjects inside and out, but also love people. (Groundbreaking, right?) These fine folks are trained to teach to your individual level, so don’t be shy about trying a new-to-you class! Pick something that sounds intriguing, and the mXe family will make sure you feel right at home. Promise.


Ready to join the revolution?

HERE’S HOW: Once you’ve witnessed the marvel that is mXe, you’ll undoubtedly want to sign up for our monthly membership. But if you’re still in sampling mode, swing by anytime to try out a class or two. You’ll pay before the session begins, rub elbows with our family, and have an absolutely obscene amount of fun.



  • Parking: Street parking only, friends! And since we’re in Linden Hills, that may mean parking several blocks away and hauling ass down to the studio space. Think of it as an appetizer-workout before the mXe main course.

  • Prep: Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins. Especially if it’s your first time at mXe, but honestly, just make a habit of it. Allowing extra time to claim your spot and mentally prepare for a high-energy movement class is always wise.

  • Stowing your stuff: We keep it lean and mean, which means no locker room and no showers, just cubbies and coat hooks. Our restrooms are strictly for going Number 1 or Number 2, and neither is equipped for extended primping. Pack your workout bag accordingly.

Any questions?