Welcome to the revolution.

Hey, we recognize you! You’re a shameless nonconformist and radical thinker. (Takes one to know one.) You’re restless and curious and searching for authentic, holistic wellness support. You’re fed up with counting calories, sick of the scale, and ready for movement classes that meet you where you are. You’re longing for genuine personal connections with like-minded folks. You’re gonna love it here. 

At mXe (pronounced ‘MOXIE’), we’re shooting for nothing less than individual fulfillment and worldwide unity.

What’s that you say, Rebel? Seems like a lofty goal for a movement studio? Well, let us break it down for you.

We know that many, many people feel trapped in or disconnected from their own bodies. Those feelings breed fear, isolation, sadness, and frustration. The fitness industry responds by feeding on those insecurities, driving people toward crash diets and punishing workouts. Which is just plain sh*tty. But we know there’s a better way.

We know that inclusive, welcoming, effective movement can be utterly transformative. Our vision is for people to reclaim self-love through classes that amplify their physical power, natural talents, and innate strengths. Then, with self-love reactivated, they can foster more compassion, respect, and unity in their communities and in our world. We’ve witnessed the marvelous domino effect that deep personal healing catalyzes: From serenity to strength to empowerment to empathy to humanitarianism to leadership.

You’re a born leader, aren’t you Rebel? We’re here to lift you toward your true purpose. Are you ready to bust outta your shell and show the world your sparkle?

Let's move together.



We are the rebels against mediocrity:

WE CONNECT with ourselves and with each other face-to-face, in real time.

WE SHARE our knowledge and experiences with each other; nothing great has even been kept a secret.

WE DARE you to wake up from the humdrum of daily existence and find what drives your soul.

This is a movement to expose your mXe.